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Truck Accidents

Unfortunately no one can trust even so called “qualified” professional drivers of large, commercial trucks. These large, powerful vehicles demand exceptional driver training, added caution, a dedication to obeying traffic laws, and a big dose of common sense. Even with the best of intentions, dangerous collisions still occur. And that’s when calling upon a truck accident lawyer like Chris Thaens becomes very important.

If you’ve been hit by a large truck, 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle, initiating a lawsuit may be needed to protect yourself and your family. Often, the collision was due to truck driver negligence, the most common form of personal injury lawsuit Chris, a truck accident lawyer, handles. It’s also very common not just for the driver, but for the trucking company to be at fault for negligence.

Even though there is a lot of regulation and monitoring required by state and federal law, it is not always conducted, and innocent drivers on the road can suffer the consequences. Truck drivers are often pressured to drive with lack of sleep, sometimes they drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, may be forced to drive with faulty trucks or equipment, all in order to keep with their tight deadlines. Still, there are laws to protect the victims of these accidents when they have the right legal team on your side. Chris Thaens has earned a reputation for astute sympathy and understanding and execution of clear and persuasive arguments. Chris can secure the compensation you need for your truck accident injuries.

No one can undo the collision, or the injury and pain it has caused. However, Chris can fight to get you the money damages that you deserve. Chris is a truck accident lawyer that hears your story, and his truck accident law firm handles injury cases for those involved with nearly every kind of commercial vehicle accident. Chris is ready to:

There can be many causes of truck accidents, including:

Truck Driver Fatigue
The truck driver must endure long hours and keep to a schedule. But, they are required to obtain certain amounts of rest and document them. When these documents are doctored, and truck drivers drive sleep-deprived, their decision-making and reaction time suffers, often causing tragedy on the road.

Tire Blowouts
Regular maintenance and quality checks and performance tests need to be conducted on all major vehicle parts, including tires. If a tire suddenly blows out, causing injury and damage in unsuspecting drivers, it may be able to trace that back to the fault of the trucking company or the part manufacturers.

Unsecured Loads
The cargo being shipped inside commercial trucks need to be properly secured to avoid risk. Commercial drivers and quality check personnel are trained and held accountable for this. Commercial drivers and quality check personnel are trained and held accountable for this. If an incident can be traced back to unsecured cargo load, our firm can identify and confront the liable parties.

Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is a condition that hinders individuals from obtaining the benefits of rest during sleep. There is a lack of oxygen flowing through the brain during sleep, meaning that those with this condition may not be trustworthy agents behind the wheel in a long-distance haul.

The kinds of trucks and accidents which Chris handles include: